Phoenix Comic Fest
to May 27

Phoenix Comic Fest

  • Phoenix Convention Center (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS




Jonathan will be heading to Phoenix (his hometown) for

Phoenix Comic Fest MAY 24-27

Table number will be posted here!


Come see us for:

-Original art (Batman, Metal and Reborn)

-Giclee Prints


-Artist Editions

- And much, much more!

Jonathan will sign 3 items for FREE,

any additional signatures are $5 each.

CGC or CBCS signatures are $15 each.



Want a commission?

Click this image!

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to Nov 19

Wizard World Austin

Come see us in AUSTIN!!

Use code GLAPION at checkout to receive 20% off your tickets!


We will add a table number once we receive it! :)

Awesome things you will find at our table:

-Astonishing Original Art (including Batman, Reborn and METAL)

-Beautiful Fine Art Prints

-Majestic Handmade Serigraph Posters 18x24

-Striking Artist Edition Prints (NEW IMAGES)

-Jonathan and his dashingly beautiful wife.. AKA. ME! :)


Jonathan will sign the first 3 books for FREE, after that it is $5 per book. All CGC signatures are $5, I'm a certified witness, so no need to track one down!

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Kansas City Comic Con
to Nov 12

Kansas City Comic Con

Kansas City Comic Con 2017...

Here we come!!


As soon as we receive table numbers, we will post here!


Things you will find at our table...

-Jaw-dropping Original Art

-Handmade Serigraph posters 18"x24"

-Amazing Fine Art Prints

-Smiling faces.. well, we'll most likely be smiling. I like to smile! :)

-Your mom. JK, I mean, unless you bring her with you!

-NEW Artist Edition Prints

-Jonathan, himself, in the flesh

Jonathan will sign the first 3 books for FREE, after that it is $5 per signature.

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Batman Day at Starbase 1552 Comics
10:30 AM10:30

Batman Day at Starbase 1552 Comics

Are you ready for Batman Day??

We are, and we will be celebrating at

Starbase 1552 Comics

in Franklin, Tn


Things we will bring with us...

-Awesome Artist Editions

-Original Art

-Handmade Serigraphs

-The cutest mascot you've ever seen

-Jonathan's ever-growing collection of signing pens

-His amazing and gorgeous Art Rep


Can't wait to see you for Batman Day!


If you're not able to attend, please make sure you are part of our Newsletter, we will have some exclusives for you! :)
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New York Comic Con 2016
to Oct 9

New York Comic Con 2016

Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun. Table G3

Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun. Table G3

We will have a table in Artist Alley selling a selection of authorized DC Entertainment Limited Edition prints, as well as, Original Art. 

What to expect at our table.

  • Free - you can have up to 10 items signed per day. 
  • Limited Edition high quality fine art prints (the only place I'm authorized to sell DC licensed prints is at live events, so don't miss out).
  • Batman (Court of Owls & Death of the Family) Original Art and much more. 

Get your tickets here.

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